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The Plunge with Kat Stefankiewicz
Raptors' in-game host—and excellent sport— Kat Stefankiewicz came with us to the cranberry capital of Ontario at Johnston's Cranberry Marsh & Muskoka Lakes Winery for a day of bogs, Bob and berries.
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The Drake Motor Inn
Meet the new Drake Motor Inn, a quirky, colourful new motel across the street from the Drake Devonshire in Wellington, Ontario. It's pet-friendly and lobby-free (so you can check into your room with the tap of an app).
SUNFISH is a small, experiential restaurant helping to contribute the ongoing definition of new Canadian cuisine.
Sumac + Salt
From forest to farm to fork, Sumac + Salt is a hyper-local food project in Meaford, Ontario. Meet Joel and Hannah, the sweet culinary couple behind it.
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